SmartZAPP Tips and Info

Channel View:
To switch to a channel, simply tap the channel. To find a channel, enter a search pattern in the search field. To see the program listing of a channel, press the (i) button of its entry. To record a program listing (that is: create a timer), tap the entry of the program. Active timer are shown using a checkmark in the program listing. A second tap deletes the timer. Pull to refresh the program listing.

Recordings View:
To play a recording, tap the recording. If a recording does not properly show, start play using the (i) button. In this case, the position slider will not be available. The recordings are shown in time order (newest entry first). Touch "sort" to see the list sorted in alphabetic order. To delete a recording, swipe the entry to the left. Pull to refresh the display, e.g. to show new recordings.

Timer View:
Enter search ttem to search for specific programs. Enter a time, e.g. "20", to show program entries at 20:00, use "2033" to show all program entries running at 20:33. Swipe left to delete a timer entry.

Control View:
The control view shows the current position within a recording (if active), plus the current active audio volume. Press "Audio Track" to select correct audio track.

Settings View:
Enter the IP address or the DNS name of your Enigma2 box ibnto the IP address field. SmartZAPP requires root access to your Enigma2 for the position slider function. Enter root account name (usually "root") and root password (if required on your Enigma2) in the appropriate fields. The "Reboot" button reboots the Enigma2. The "Test HTTP" button checks access to the OpenWeb interface of your Enigma2. The "Test Telnet" button check Telnet access to your Enigma2.

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